Creating SEO Friendly Text Links in your Content

By default, Sitebuilder creates JavaScript links when you hyperlink your Text from within the WYSIWYG editor.  The reason for this is so you do not have to reformat your links when the site goes from trial to a live domain name mapping.

However, the JavaScript link is not the most search engine friendly linking method.  I will outline ways to create search engine friendly text links in Sitebuilder.

If you are familiar with HTML, this will make the process easier.
One way to deal with this is to manually reformat the links to actual relative links.  You can do this by editing the link in the WYSIWYG editor in Source view.

There are two ways to do this in the link text.
You will need to unlink the text first.  (remove JavaScript link)
1) Edit source code and make links relative.  if you were linking to the contact us page your code would look something like this example.
Please feel free to Contact us.
(I feel like this is the easiest way.)

2) Insert links in the WYSIWYG editor by using insert/edit link.  Select link to “Website”.  Paste in only the page name or path after your domain name forward slash “/”
Correct:  contact-us
Next, look at the source and remove the http// and leave the code that would look like this.

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