andrianov_dmitrVladimir Kuzin is incredible and greatly exceeded expectations! We wanted a new web design but had no idea where to start, so he guided us through the entire process. Vladimir works with you every step of the way and when you have changes, you won’t believe his turn-around time – awesome! You don’t have to wait on him – instead he waited on us – the man has the patience of Job. His designs are world-class, and if you are going out for quotes, include him, because more than likely you will choose him after seeing the quality of his work and talking to him. His prices are very much in line, and we thought he was very reasonable when we first met him, but now that the process is through, we feel guilty (seriously!) that he didn’t charge enough for what we put him through! We were so afraid we would get someone that would start the project, then leave us hanging at midpoint, but once Vladimir began, we never had that feeling. He answers the phone, responds to emails quickly, or returns calls as soon as possible, so you never have the feeling that you’ve been abandoned. This is a world-class guy that builds world-class websites. Do yourself a favor and call him – you won’t regret it! And no, I’m not family – just a very pleased customer!!


villakiprDmitriy Andrianov
North Cyprus Real Estate Company

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