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AspiVladimir, it would be my pleasure to send a recommendation note to TCS (recruiting company) and you:

I wanted to send you a note about how much I have enjoyed having Vladimir Kuzin with us on Partner Dashboard as a Visual Designer.
Vladimir gave us high quality and creative options based on our design and wire frames. Because of the multiple options he developed for us, we were able to see the possibilities and develop the best user experience for our products.
Vladimir went above and beyond on several occasions often giving us CSS code to implement the design, thus often accelerating our development cycles.
He also painstakingly developed high quality SVG images for use in our products on his own initiative. Throughout our engagement, Vladimir was an integral and highly valued part of our team.
Given an opportunity in the future, I would love to have Vladimir back on one of our projects so we can benefit from his talent, expertise and skill.

Aspi Havewala
Dir IT Commercial Systems of
Motorola Solutions Inc.

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