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seanI have worked with Vlad on numerous projects. I am an entrepreneur that has been a part of numerous startup companies and programs. I depend on the web as a cheap and efficient way to market my business. Therefore, I need a partner that can develop websites in an efficient manner that is professionally done. I have been overwhelmingly impressed with the Vlad’s quality of work, the service, and the prices offered.
I simply emailed Vlad what I wanted in a Word Document and he was able to make the website appear incredibly professional. I really relied on his artistic “eye” as he designed my website. Vlad was able to give me everything I wanted on my website in such a professional and timely manner.

Vlad’s attitude and service is why I used him for a second time. Vlad is incredible and always goes the extra mile to make sure you are happy. If I have an issue that I need to get resolved, he will ALWAYS respond that same day.

Vlad makes sure that you are taken care of in every way. He went through the tutorial on how to edit the website for myself. It was so helpful and he went out of his way to make us feel comfortable.


cmwSean M. Raimbeault
Owner of Charleston Machine Works

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