vera2I have been in Interior Design business for 30 years including over 10 years as owner of “Vera-Design”. During my career I have worked with hundreds of designers. Vladimir Kuzin is by far one of the best designers I have ever worked with. He designed my company’s billboards and printing advertising materials. Vladimir’s work was excellent, and completely appropriate for the brief provided. He was extremely quick and responsive at all stages, and I am very pleased with the final work. He provided a number of initial options – each extremely well thought out, using visual concepts that connected well with the work we are doing. He also provided some further branding advice, which we have incorporated into our other materials. He has deep knowledge of the design and cares about how to connect the brand value and business with the design.
Vladimir is an exceptional graphic designer. He is highly dependable, highly creative, timely, trustworthy and a pleasure to work with. You’ll get more than you pay for with Vladimir.


Vera Dubova
Owner of “Vera Design”
Interior Design Company

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