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Motorola Solutions

AspiVladimir, it would be my pleasure to send a recommendation note to TCS (recruiting company) and you: I wanted to send you a note about how much I have enjoyed having Vladimir Kuzin with us on Partner Dashboard as a Visual Designer. Vladimir gave us high quality and creative options...
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Michael_2I am in the construction industry myself, and Vlad is, simply put, the best possible web guy you can hire to take care of your website or SEO needs. I look for three things, the Product, the Price, and the quality of Service. Vlad hits an A+ in...
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Colours of the Dream Flash Intro

Irina YingerThe cooperation with Vladimir Kuzin was like a good marriage, painless and inspiring. The fact we were not in the same country / time zone was not effecting our project at all. He was very quick answering and I could ask for help almost anytime. His...
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